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Cash Incentives
Installing ENERGY STAR® qualified high efficiency windows reduces condensation while increasing house value and curb appeal and also qualifies you for both Energy Strust cash rebates as well as up to $250 in tax credits! See Cash Incentives.

James Hardie
James Hardie products are rare in that they combine beauty and durability and also are considered “Green and Sustainable” by industry professionals. There are a number of quality building products in the marketplace to choose from, but only James Hardie delivers the level

  • 10 manufacturing facilities support the regional economy and reduce the environmental impact caused by the transportation of materials
  • Raw materials are extracted and processed near each processing facility further reducing transportation waste
  • Raw materials are very low in toxicity compared to other siding types (i.e vinyl) consisting of wood pulp, cement, sand and water and are recycled up to four times
  • Durability of the siding insures less siding cycles will need to performed over the life of the home
  • Holds paint 30% better than similar wood based siding furhter reducing future paint cycles needed
  • Manufacturing process focuses on quality, 1st run materials. Zero to landfill project reducing amount of raw material waste sent to landfills by half.

Wood Products
Wood products require much less energy to produce than concrete or steel. An independent comparison of the energy needed to obtain, manufacture, transport and install building materials for identical wood frame, steel frame and concrete houses proves wood’s environmental superiority over alternative materials. The result is more fossil fuels saved with less air and water pollution.

Benefits of Wood – Wood surpasses steel and concrete in the following categories:

  • Energy use
  • Resource use
  • Pollution
  • Environment impact
  • Green Building

Replacement Windows & Insulation

  • All of our replacement windows and insulation meets or exceeds the the stringent energy effieciency requirements required for the Federal Tax credit and EnergyTrust cash rebates
  • Replacing your windows and insulating your exterior walls can improve the energy efficiency of your home by up to 40%
  • Green Fiber insulation forms a monolithic blanket of protection, blocking air infiltration and convection currents that are the primary causes of energy loss. GreenFiber is a non-toxic natural product made of 85% recyled paper fiber. Each 40 sq ft bag contains the equivalent of 46 Sunday newspapers.