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Cultured Stone
Creating the look of a custom stone home has never been easier. Today, there are more choices than ever and Lifetime Remodeling Systems can provide the installation your home deserves. We use professional mason’s with vast experience insuring that your stone job goes quickly, smoothly and comes out looking great. We offer stone veneer by Cultured Stone. You can visit Cultured Stone’s website here for product styles and information.

If you’re looking to add a luxurious natural stone component to your house this is by far the best option available. You can visit RealStone’s website here for product styles and information.

Castia Stone
Castia Stone protects your home from dry rot and mold while increasing its value and charm. Thanks to a sealed concrete construction and Innovative “Rainscreen” Technology, our unique siding material provides a barrier between your home and the elements. Castia Stone is priced competitive with brick, hard coat stucco, and other pre-cast stone veneers.

Manufactured Stone Veneer
All Castia Stone products are manufactured with high-strength concrete, aggregate, sand and water. The stone is processed through an automated dispersing and mixing system and then poured into forms. Once the forms are filled and brackets are installed, the stone is cured in an environment where humidity and temperature are constantly controlled. This intense curing cycle ensures the consistency of quality, durability and color of all Castia Stone products.

“Gino and his team at Lifetime remodeling were an absolute pleasure. The quality was beyond anything I’ve seen from a contractor and has elicited numerous praises from our neighbors. They tackled the challenges of floating home remodeling with enthusiasm, coming up with ingenious solutions to problems that have stumped other neighbors.

~ Sid S. – Portland