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EIFS Replacement Done Right
Lifetime Remodeling Systems specializes in EIFS removal and replacement with siding types such as Hardieplank, Cedar, Exterior Stone and Castia Stone. We carry all required licensing for the removal of EIFS and have worked on many large projects requiring a complete overhaul of the existing building envelope and flashing systems, mold remediation in addition to completely removing all of the existing EIFS and installing an exterior cladding that will hold up to the tough Northwest elements.

We have a Featured Article  on EIFS replacement in Portland Home magazine . This article outlines what EIFS is, the problems it causes and the steps to take when looking for a contractor. If you are dealing with an EIFS problem than Contact Us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems), also called synthetic stucco, refers to a multi-layered exterior finish. Unlike traditional stucco, EIFS is actually a thin surface finish applied over a foam insulation board which is typically attached to sheathing (OSB or Plywood). EIFS was introduced after World War II, when contractors found it to be a great repair choice for buildings damaged during the war. European buildings were constructed of stone, concrete, brick, or other similar durable materials and required a very different type of moisture management system than is required for most American homes. In the 1980’s, it became a popular with North American builders who applied it as an exterior finish to residences – mostly wood framed houses – using the same techniques that had been successful in Europe. Common names that refer to EIFS are Synthetic Stucco, Dryvit, Styrofoam Stucco and Direct Applied Finish System (DAFS).


EIFS fails because moisture gets trapped between the foam backing of the EIFS system and the wood sheathing it is attached to. Water penetration allowed to enter behind the EIFS is unable to evaporate. The moisture attacks the wood sheathing, framing, and studs. This leads to dry rot and toxic mold problems. If untreated, the dry rot and mold damage can often cost as much as the new siding to replace it. The rotting wood ultimately leads to the destruction of the homes structure.

Common moisture problems appear around the areas where the EIFS meets against the wood trim, roof flashing, windows and doors. EIFS that terminates below grade (ground) is also an easy entrance point for moisture and insects. Although most EIFS manufacturers have detailed installation instructions, these are often ignored by installers.

Another common issue is the failure to install proper flashing systems. On 9 out of 10 EIFS homes that we deal with the existing flashing is improperly installed or missing altogether allowing large amounts of moisture infiltration causing dry rot and mold damage on the interior framing and wall surfaces.

What To Do
We will come out and inspect your home and inform you whether or not it is in fact EIFS. We will give you a bid to replace it with a high quality siding system that is guaranteed to last for as long as you own your home. We also extend our lifetime warranty to the new owner should you sell your home within 5 years of the EIFS replacement.

EIFS Information
Here are a few web sites to help you obtain legal help and general information about the EIFS system:

Synthetic Stucco (EIFS)
Article on EIFS Replacement
Kevin Eike: EIFS Attorney:   503.226.7046


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