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The Education Starts Here
Lifetime Remodeling Systems is committed to educating our potential customer’s about the products, installation techniques and employees credentials that insure you will receive a quality remodeling job.

We encourage you to check out the resources below to help you understand what makes a good contractor from a bad one. Remodeling your home can be a daunting task, make sure your contractor is working with your interest in mind, not their own.

Lead Certified Renovator
As of April of 2010 all contractors who work on homes built before 1978 that have lead based paint are required to be a Lead-Certified Renovator by federal law. We are a certified RRP contractor (Renovation, Repair & Painting) allowing us to legally work on homes built before 1978 that have lead based paint. We have four certified renovators on staff and take the lead based paint issue very seriously. We use the latest testing, masking and cleanup procedures to insure that we do not spread lead dust or contaminate your home with this deadly toxin. Below you’ll find some resources regarding lead based paint and the hazards that it poses especially to children ages 0-6 and women who are currently pregnant.

General Information Packet
How To Hire A Contractor Article
Renovate Right Brochure (Lead RRP)
Synthetic Stucco (EIFS)
Kitchen & Bath Information Packet

Lead Based Paint Resources
Here are some resources to further educate you on the hazards of lead based paint:
Tamara Rubin: Lead advocate in Portland, OR whose children were poisoned by an uneducated painting contractor who burned off lead based paint while her children were watching.
Understanding Lead Levels: A great document by Patrick Lehne the foremost lead renovation & testing expert in Portland (He trained all of our renovators).
Lead Awareness: An entire document written by Patrick Lehne on lead safe work practices and how to protect your family.
Renovate Right Brochure: This is the educational brochure from the EPA that every contractor is required to give a homeowner by law if their home has lead based paint.
USA Today Article: An article exploring the hazards of lead based paint in remodeling.

“It is unusual these days to work with a company that stands by the bid price and goes out of their way to stick with it. Thanks again for a job well done!”

~ Ron Lucas