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Construction Defect Experts
Lifetime Remodeling Systems is a division of LRS that specializes in construction defect repairs. Unfortunately the vast majority of homes built in the 1990’s & 2000’s are having widespread failures of the siding and flashing systems due to poor quality installations. This is an epidemic that is affecting 1000’s of homeowners and we are here to help.

The key to all exterior repairs is to insure they are done right the first time so you aren’t stuck having to do the repairs over and over wasting thousands of dollars.

We give you expert analysis of the issues and perform all construction defect repairs with top quality materials and expert crews led by an award winning project management team.

How We Can Help

  • Consultation: Schedule a consultation with one of our professional project management staff to determine whether construction defects are present on your residential or commercial property
  • Get A Quote: Provide a full scale estimate for repairing all of the defect issues. We use in-house crews run by a professional project management staff to insure that our projects are done right the 1st time. We warrant all residential work for as long as you own your home and multi-family work for 15 years.

Construction Defect Attorney
Kevin Eike

Failed Hardieplank siding due to improper installation/flashing systems

Dry Rot & Mold Due To Improper Flashing Installation at Roofline

Dry rot & mold on a sliding glass door due to an improperly flashed deck ledger (Cery common on most homes)

Dry rot & mold due to a complete lack of window flashing. Once the caulking failed there was no protection for the window and it ate through the plywood sheathing into the framing of the house.

“My worries were completely unfounded. LRS did a spectacular job, an opinion borne out by the dozens of compliments I’ve gotten from passers-by since the job has been completed. In every aspect, I found LRS to be stellar”

~ Fred Lifton